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On the pigs. Neevis, the smaller of the two, is doing' great, we are bonded and he follows me around the pen, with squeals and grunts of delight, wagging' his tail.
Wilbur wasn't doing' so good. He was down for about a week, he couldn't seem to stand on his back legs. It was heart-breaking', to watch him struggle to get up and not be able too. I had to give him his food while he was laying' down in the shelter. They say when a pig lays down to eat, it's almost over.
After talking' to a pot-bellied pig sanctuary, I started giving' him glucosamine and pain medication. Day before yesterday, he stood up to eat. Yesterday, he came out of his shelter and walked to the spot where he eats. Today, Wilbur and Neevis were at the gate, waiting' for me. He had walked down to meet me, with a wagging' tail. He's not cured, as I think it's arthritis (pigs' plight) in his hips, but maybe with the medications, we can give him a quality life, for the rest of his time with us. So I reckon that makes him a special needs critter, being' on medication for the rest of his life.
Two of our dogs are also on medication, Merlin and Tripod are both on glucosamine and an acid reducer (special needs). It really seems to help our old dogs. Salsa is small so he won't need the glucosamine, but I think he's ready for the acid reducer.

Thor, she's about 11 feet now. Still a real sweetheart, we take her out, for social time. She's about 17 years old now.

Buttercup got her hooves trimmed

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