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Carla L. From Texas
. She has been a faithful donator to the sanctuary for the last 4 years. . She even sent boxes of blankets for the pigs, for the winter
She relinquished her pot bellied pig, with a lot of tears, but was movin' outta state and didn't feel that the pig would make the trip.
Here's a pic of Hammy,  She was 14 when we got her. I gave her, a 15th birthday party. She had a massive stroke, 3 weeks later and had to be euthanized. After we had her cremated and Carla has the ashes, set up as a memorial

Thank You Carla for all you
have done for the Sanctuary

I have another donator, I would like to recognize .

She is from Norway and her name is Vibeke G.. So far this year, she has sent $335 and there will be more comin’. Her donation has saved the life of our Beautiful Snake Sunshine.

She was suffering from an illness and your donation came at the perfect time. It helped pay for her meds.


Star Volunteer for this year 2011
 Angie Peterson. 

Pam and Goodie G  are donating and in now  a sponsor.

Barbara F   is donating’ monthly and in now  a sponsor.

Essie D has donated , as a donator

Karen H is a donator (from Canada). In her recent donation, she donated $25 in memory of her deceased dog/friend, Dalmation- Pistache........more..

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I just made a $25 Sponsorship donation and wanted to let you know that it was made in honor of Denise Barnes.

Thank you,
Brenda M

**Special Public Recognition** of the following’ donators for rescuin’ 

    Mojo the hinny                    Justice the donkey

Essie D

Barbara S

Linda G

Phyllis S

Donna C

Sonja H

Pamela & Goody G

Claudia L

Jan S

Lauren G


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