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Snakes 'n' Critters is an outstanding' member of ASPCA for 10 years


 Lodi Animal Shelter- Our goal is to find homes for all the stray and abandoned cats, dogs, etc.

Laird Therapy Dog Rescue


Animal Attractions- The Place for Pet Lovers

Dog Training Guide
 If you're looking for ways get your puppy to stop biting you, check out free resource
Local Pet Care- Dog Walkers, Pet Sitters, Pet Boarding, etc.


Cichlids forums - Your Cichlids forums and Community


Snake Forums - Your Snake Forums and Pet Community



Best Friends

Training Pads

When you need to housebreak your puppy, provides you with high-quality puppy training and adult dog wee pads. They are the most effective way to potty-train your puppy and prevent those horrible weewee accidents.

  Horse Barns - Facts and Resources about Horses
Submitted by Danielle, Girl Scout of Arizona
Horses are beautiful animals that have intrigued people for centuries. They have unique personalities and qualities that make them popular pets for many people the world over. There are dozens of breeds of horses that come from all parts of the globe. More....
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