These are some volunteers and sponsors, who do different things for the sanctuary. They are always there for us, when we need them. All of them give us lots of moral support, which is very much needed. We love our sponsors and volunteers.

Angie, our star volunteer for 2011, volunteers almost daily, with cleaning, grooming, feeding and giving the animals medications and treatments. She also is doing fund raising, seeking donations and volunteers for the sanctuary. She is now a board member and volunteer co-ordinator.

Vibeke G., Norway is our #1 sponsor, donating money for medication, vet bills, etc.

Sue and Ray, good friends, help us alot, with moral support, great ideas, donations of equipment, saves newspapers for our cages. Ray, has the ideas for advertising. They make up goodies for our volunteers and booklets about the sanctuary.

Harold and Jodi, good friends, live in PA. They give moral support, make up business cards, stationary, etc. for the sanctuary and donates as they can.

Linda is the teacher who brings students out to volunteer and to learn. They learn about the different critters that we have and have hands on contact. Linda has them do research and write papers on some of the animals for school.

John and Adrian, who also have a sanctuary "Castaway Treasures", are there for us when needed. They have donated corral panels, equine supplements and supply farrier service for our horses. They are full of knowledge and advice, when we need it.

Lori, a good friend that lives out of state now, keeps in contact with us. She gives moral support and donations as she can.

Mary and Ben, who also have a sanctuary, "Ironwood Pig Sanctuary". The largest pig sanctuary in the state. They helped us so much and still do, with settin' up our business, donated pig panels, trimming the pigs feet, medications, blankets and supplements for the pigs. They are there for us, whenever we need.

Sandra, is a friend and has helped. She is also a member of our board.

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Beal Tucson, AZ. A special thanks to them for fostering' all the pups.
My Pet Counts Tucson, AZ. Thanks for the boxes of dog biscuits. A treat for the dogs.
Marilyn Tucson, AZ. Thanks for the 50# bag of Pedigree dog food.
Ironwood Pig Sanctuary Tucson, AZ.  A special thanks for the pig fencing' and pig shelter.

Sonja H. from Savannah GA   For her donation of money, to help with the neutering' of the pups that we are now raisin and for Merlin's surgery.

Carla L. from Texas- A Special lady and supporter for the last 4 years, who gave us her beautiful pot belly Hammie. - More on  Carla & Hammie here

We may be reached by email at

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