These are the rescued birds, living at Snakes n Critters Animal Sanctuary

Fancy Ring-necked Doves, owner abandonment.8-9-09 . In 2010, they have an outside fly pen.

Playtoe, a female Mustache parrot was surrendered, at 6 months old, 5-8-1997. Now, 2010, she is friendly but only with us and that is occasionally.

Sher, a female latino cockatiel, has clubed feet and can't fly. She has developed feather pickin'. Saved from a cruel death, because of her disabilities, she couldn't be sold.9-20-04. Now, 2010, she seems quite content, her cage by the window. She watches the outside birds and still gets around her cage.

Hopper , surrendered by owner, due to him attacking owner and hens, 8-4-09. Now, 2010 hes a calm and happy rooster, that no longer attacks.

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