These are the rescued reptiles, now living in Snakes n Critters Animal Sanctuary.

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Buzz, a South American Giant Green Iguana, owner relinquished, 8-20-08, after being bitten. He was about 5 ft. long, 45 lbs. Now, 2010, at 6 ft. and 60 lbs., hes very sweet and no longer aggressive. Will walk on a leash and enjoys climbing trees

Lex, a male Mexican Giant Green Iguana, was an owner surrender in 3-20-2008, when he was 10 inches long. Part of his tail was bitten off, by another iguana. It never grew back properly. Now in 2010, 2 feet long, approximately weighs 10 pounds, he is not social, will bite and whip with tail if given a chance

Slither, a Timor Monitor, surrendered by owner on 10-18-2007, as a baby, about 6 inches long. Now, 2010, is 2 ft long. Not friendly and will run or bite if cornered bite. Timor monitors are extinct on Timor Island now
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