These are the dogs rescued and now in Snakes ‘n’ Critters Animal Sanctuary
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Magick, a mastiff cross, female tan/brindle, and about 1 year old. So far she’s a big dumb puppy actin’ 100+ lbs and eats 3 heapin’ cups of dog food twice a day.  Here’s her picture and we got her on Dec 31st 2012

Skybald, a neutered male, Beagle-Whippet-Pit bull mix. He was 1-2 years old. He was surrendered when owner was put in a Nursing Home, with no hope of coming out. He was very fearful and had been abused by a man, then left alone in a pack of dogs for days at a time, with no human contact. He arrived December, 2009. He was so scared and thin. He’s now adjusted, no longer as fearful, but is untrusting with men. He had some ear infection but has cleared up now. He stays with 4 other dogs and gets along well.

These puppies were an owner surrender in May, 2010. They were 8 weeks old at that time, two females and a male. They are Shih Tzu and Miniature Dachound mix. As designer dogs, they would be called Dach Tzu. We have had them neutered, wormed and they’ve had their shots. They are happy, sweet and playful.

In August, 2004, 5 puppies were dropped off at the sanctuary, no one knowing where they had came from, 3 males and 2 females, at 5 weeks old and still had milk breath. They were very fearful, especially of men and boots. We assume they had been abused. We have raised them since then, but they have stayed fearful and wouldn’t socialize with people. They don’t bite, but due to their being fearful, they prefer to avoid, run or shut down. They have accepted other dogs and accept my husband and me. They trust me as I’m the one that handles their medical issues and training.


, A Retriever-Chow-Pit Bull, female mix, was abandoned by owner at 5 weeks old, 8-25-04. Very fearful, she came with 4 others, in a litter. Now, 2010 she is a sweetheart, 6 ˝ years old and is a housedog, with outside privileges.

Punkin, she is another Retriever-Chow-Pit Bull mix and littermate, 8-25=2004, has a congenital deformity. Now, 2010, she is also a housedog, with outside privileges. She gets along with some dogs but will attack some female dogs and is fearful of strangers.

Watcher, a male, Retriever-Chow-Pit Bull mix. Another of the litter abandoned, In 8-25-2004. His left eye is entropic. We have treated it since he was 3 months old. He is the most submissive and the most fearful and untrusting. Will run away or shut down.

a Retriever-Chow-Pit Bull mix, male, a littermate from 8-25-2004 abandonment. He is the most outgoing of all the litter. Now, in 2010, he will come to strangers eventually, but is wary. He will fight with other dogs at times and play with them at other times

Freckles, a male Retriever-Chow-Pit Bull mix, of the same litter, 8-25-2004, Now, 2010, he is still fearful and untrusting and tries to dominate other dogs. He has a mal-formed tooth and a chronic abscess on his left leg. He chews on it and has to be on antibiotics periodically.
The above litter are not adoptable and are unsocialized. They have all been neutered and wormed and are given their shots yearly.

, a Red Heeler-Labrador-GSD mix, male, was rescued when thrown from a car at 5 weeks old, 5-20-04. Neutered, wormed and has his shots yearly. He now weighs about 90lbs and is my service dog. He is alpha over the other dogs and will attack some domestic animals. Now, 2010, he stays with me all the time.


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