These are horses that live at Snakes ‘n’ Critters Animal Sanctuary at this time.

An update on Honey Nugget (Butter)
She has a new name, she’s part of the sanctuary. We were able to declare her an abandoned horse. He moved out and left her here and she came up, banged on the gate and nosed the bell to get in. No one ever came about her or check on her. She had a cut in her upper eye lid and the lids on the one eye were swollen. She wasn’t as friendly as the first time. She was distant, wantin’ to be here, but not wantin’ to be touched. She was hand shy too. He must of abused her for escapin’ the first time. After he starved her for a week and moved out, she came to us. After 10 days, she was legally ours as an abandoned horse. It’s against the law in AZ to abandon a horse, so he wouldn’t pursue it, in fear of prosecution. We had a witness to his abuse and neglect too.

Anyway, she’s been here for a couple of months now, has had her hooves trimmed and is much more friendly and beginnin’ to trust. When she came, she wouldn’t take anythin’ from our hands, but now she’ll eat carrots, apples, etc, from our hand. She’s getting fat, but not pregnant, lol.

a 1 ½ year old jenny, grey/red mix, came Dec 31st, 2011. She had been in a herd of donkeys, with her mother, unsocialized nor handled by humans. She was torn from the herd, manhandled into a trailer and brought here. She was in shocked for the first few days, then turned wild again, runnin’ from us and not lettin’ us doin’ anythin’ with her. She has been here so long now that she’s quite tame with us, but still will run if she sees a stranger, lookin’ at her. She was self-mutilatin’ and brayin’ constantly, callin’ for her herd, from loneliness. The constant brayin’ stopped as she adjusted, but she would still bite at her chest and front legs, makin’ open areas. Since the two new rescues below came, she is no longer self mutilatin’ and seems content to see her own kind and has become atad spoiled and slightly possessive of me. If she hears or sees me, she brays very loudly. Without a doubt I’m her person and she gets jealous if I’m doin’ for the others.

The 2 newest rescues:
Justice  & Mojo


Found on Craig’s List, they were listed as donkeys. The gals that follow the sanctuary on facebook, donated the money to buy them with. After a struggle to get them both here, they are now here and settlin’ in and adjustin’.

Justice, is a gelded donkey, age unknown, dark dark brown. Was in bad shape, very obese, hooves long and cracked. A look of fear, confusion and pain, in his eyes. He has been very badly abused and has had multiple owners. He is startin’ to come around now and brays if he hears or sees me. He was definitely in need of rescuin’. He came Aug 29th.

Mojo, the hinny, the other one turned out to not be a donkey at all, but a gelded hinny, which is another hybrid mule, where stallion is bred to jenny. He too, was in horrible condition and had the same look in his eyes. Untrustin’ and a nipper, he’s had multiple owners and had been abused and neglected. He’s takin’ atad longer to come around and trust than Justice. I sense he’s learned how to fight back some, but isn’t displayin’ it with us. Hooves long and split and very ungroomed. He had been getting’ the wrong type of hay and was kinda toxic when he came. Now he’s doin’ better, with steady routine diet of the right kind of hay and fresh water.

These pictures were taken the day after they got here. So the next set we’ll take, when it’s been a month, so ya can see the difference in them, physically and mentally. Mojo came in the day after Labor Day.

Okay, that’s about Sadie and the newbies. Word it how ever ya want as usual. Ya do a great job of makin’ them sound interestin’ and bringin’ empathy from whoever is readin’ it. So phrase it however ya want. You’ve known me long enough to say it in my lingo, lol.


Thought I'd let y'all see Butter, the Palomino, that keeps comin' up here. She wants to be with us, our horses and live in the sanctuary. I fixed up a release form filled out. All he would have to do, is sign it
She's a real beauty and only about 7 years old, around that. Too young to see her abused, neglected and become sour on people, just cause a few. He has tack (saddle etc) too, but I doubt if we get it. I'll settle if he just signs her over and she doesn't get mistreated anymore. Even if we have to eat beans for the next year, lol.

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Whisper, a Thoroughbred mare, who also came as a shelter transfer from Northern Arizona. She is 15 years old and arrived May, 2010. Groomed, wormed, teeth floated and hooves trimmed. She has gained weight now and is very friendly.

, a mixed Shetland pony mare, is swayback and 35 years old. Also, part of the shelter transfer from Northern Arizona, arrived May, 2010. He has very few teeth, so is on a special soft diet with supplements. His teeth floated, wormed and hooves trimmed. He is shy with strangers.

, a Paso Fino mare, 13 hands high and 14 years old, 1-22-05 . She was a sanctuary transfer as a companion horse. Her pelvis is fractured and she is crippled after being beaten with a baseball bat, for refusing to load in a trailer. Now, 2010 she is a sweet horse with a lovely disposition.
Hope, a mustang mare and sanctuary transfer, as a companion horse, 7-17-09. She is swayback, with a misaligned back leg. Her tongue hangs out, due to nerve damage. Previous owner had used barbed wire for a bit, cutting' across her tongue. She has two brands, one professional, when taken from the wild and another homemade one, by one of the previous owners. She had been badly abused and starved. In 2010, she has a sweet disposition, but has to have her back adjusted and is given acupressure treatments regularly. She is on pain medication and joint supplements. Since she can’t lift one of her back legs, her hooves are trimmed with her laying down.

a Thoroughbred, a tattooed ex-racehorse and shelter transfer from Northern Arizona , May, 2010. He’s 17 years old, a gelding and kinda pushy, but sweet. He had his teeth floated and is wormed yearly and his hooves trimmed every 6 weeks


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