These are the snakes that have been rescued and are now living at Snakes ‘n’ Critters Animal Sanctuary.
 We do not take “hot” poisonous reptiles.

Sunshine, an albino Burmese Python, now in 2010. She is 15 feet long. She was owner surrender on 7-25-2008, at 9 ˝ feet and 5 years old. Owner was in the military and going to Iraq so couldn’t keep her. A gentle giant

The one with the bright white bands is the male. We named him Stripe. The female is the duller white bands. Need a name for the female. She calls the shots and let him know she didn’t want him in her cage. Now the two are in separate cages.

Burnt Popcorn
, 3rd owner- surrendered, 8-20-05, 6 feet long, 18 years old. Had seizures and bites, when surrendered. Now, in 2010, he no longer has seizures nor bites, but has Leukemia and tumors around head and neck.


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Mr. Lucky
is a 7 year old male Boa Constrictor. Transferred from a wildlife rescue organization, November,2010. He must have been someone’s pet at some time. He’s very sweet and gentle and loves to soak in his water. He has long periods where he refuses to eat.

, a 2 year old, 6 feet long, female Burmese Python, was rescued from someone’s yard, by the wildlife rescue organization and transferred to our Sanctuary, November, 2010. A pet snake is sweet but will strike if irritated (about to shed or hungry).

, a Ball (Royal) Python surrendered by owner’s (14 years old) grandfather, in 2006, at 2 years old. Now, 2010, is 4 ˝ ft long and doesn’t bite.

, a Ball (Royal) Python, 6 years old, was surrendered by roommate, when owner abandoned, 4-15-07. Now, 2010, is 5 feet long. Doesn’t bite.

, an Arizona Rosy Boa Constrictor was rescued as a baby, about 9 inches long in 1994. Now 2010, is about 3 ft. long and doesn’t bite

, a female Rosy-Tailed Boa Constrictor, was rescued in 1994, when owner’s husband threatened to kill her, at 5 ˝ ft. long and 7 years old. Now, 2010, is 11 ft. long. She has never bitten nor strikes.


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