This is Buttercup, a Belgian-Percheron mix, 30 years old, rescued from the desert, May, 2004.

She is getting' in better shape, but gradually. Her teeth are worn down and her hooves need special care.

She was ridden and pulled wagons for 25 years, before she was turned loose in the desert.

A real sweetheart and very gentle.

Between vet, farrier and feed, she costs about $150 per month to take care of.

She was promised sanctuary, and never to be worked again. But she is in need of a sponsor and would love to be someone's foster horse.


Here's a pic of SB enlarging' the corral and Buttercup supervising'. She shor' looks lots better than when we got her

Doesn't she look great!

Donations greatly needed and accepted thru
We may be reached by email at support@snakesncritters.org

Special Thank You's to these wonderful people who help us with their Sponsorship and donations. Without you there would not be a Sanctuary.


Angie P. is now a board member and volunteer coordinator

Vibeke G.  (from Norway) and still donating’, she is a sponsor.

Pam and Goodie G. are donating’ monthly they are now sponsors.

Barbara F. is donating’ monthly, She’s now a sponsor.

A $25 Sponsorship donation was made in honor of Denise Barnes. Thank you
Brenda M.

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