This is Thor A real sweetheart 

This picture was taken in 2004, after we cleaned her cage. She's too big and heavy for the carryin' to the tub anymore, so now we wipe her down, with an water-based emollient (sp), to keep her scales from dryin' and makin' sheddin' difficult. Her cage is about 8ft. long, 3 1/2 feet high and 2 1/2 ft wide, with a hot rock, heater lamp and a natural sunlight lamp. We keep a large plastic dishpan of water in her cage for her, changed daily and cleansed with bleach water. We use newspaper for linin' on the floor of the cage. She's about 16-19 years old now. Years of love and care, that she wouldn't have had, if we hadn't rescued her.
We took her to the vet, in 1995 and was told that it was a male, so we named her Thor, cause of the strength of her coils. But males only get to about 7-9 ft and she has gotten to 11 feet long, and that's how long the females get. She probably weighs about 80lbs now. She eats one large rat a week, though she could eat larger prey. It's her preference and we give her what she wants.
We feel blessed to be able to have her and it will be 10 years in 2005, since we got her.
This is Thor, a red-tailed Boa Constrictor, she was rescued in 1995, from a lady, when she could no longer take care of it. She was about 6 1/2 ft long, gentle and easy to handle. She had been hand raised, by another lady. We were her third home and was only about 6-8 years old. This is Thor in 1996, now about 7 1/2 feet long. This is how my mate would transport her and she liked bein' handled and lookin' around.
This is Thor in 1997. She had a bad shed, so I was helpin' her to shed her old skin. It seem to tickle her and she was very relieved afterwards. This is thor in 1998. He would lay all over me, while I was on the computer, but never leave my body. She was gettin' kinda heavy by now. Kept me from fallin' asleep while waitin' for somethin' to download, lol.
This is Thor in 1999, now about 9 feet long, but still sweet and gentle. She eats dead rats, so has lost the necessity to strike or constrict. She's still curious about everythin' goin' on around her too. This is Thor havin' her soak bath in the tub, in 2000. She's about 10 ft long and gettin' heavy to carry.



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